Out of curiosity’s sake: Would you mind reblogging this with your flight and HP house?

e.g.; I’m Wind flight and a Hufflepuff!

Light Flight and Hufflepuff.

Shadow Flight, Gryffindor :P 

Lightning Flight, Slytherin

Wind Flight, Ravenclaw!

Earth Flight, Ravenclaw. :]

light flight, slytherin

Light Flight, Ravenclaw!

Fire flight, Hufflepuff!

Fire flight, Gryffindor!

lightning, gryffindor \m/

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all the better to eat you with - a tokyo ghoul/tsukikane fst

1. Don’t Trust Me - 3OH!3 // 2. Illegal Tender - Louis XIV // 3. d is for dangerous - Arctic Monkeys // 4. Aren’t We All Running? - 65 Days of Static // 5. The River - Good Charlotte // 6. Migraine - twenty one pilots // 7. Circus - Britney Spears // 8. For Your Entertainment - Adam Lambert // 9. Rome - Yeasayer // 10. Sexy Naughty Bitchy Me - Tata Young // 11. Personal Space Invader - Andrew Jackson Jihad // 12. Dangerous - Big Data // 13. Alpha Dog - Fall Out Boy // 14. Teeth - Lady Gaga // 15. Laura Palmer - Bastille // 16. Chop Chop - The Academy Is…

listen here

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I’ll wait till ishida’s??? october?? announcement or whatever is happening idek waitin 2 hear from ishida and/or weekly young jump because I dont believe any decision that doesnt make financial sense because money makes the world go round u know

also tokyo ghoul is my fav it indulges every one of my needs I will w8 for u 4ever TKG my flame still burns 4 u

((but if u continue w/o kaneki ken I will never 4give u, I’ll curse ur name till the day I die))

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↳ Kaneki Ken + Smile || Ch 14 vs Ch 133

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you shitty hannibal lecter-ripoff piece of gourmet-junk
why are you so much fun to draw?

(now even with better resolution ww)

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make sure all of the letters on my grave stone are lowercase so i can remain cool and casual even in death

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wow とても dolce

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Calmato the fuck down
Tsukiyama Shuu at some point probably (via cactusluv) (via trashprincetsukiyama)
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