okay so I have two of these ladies that I need out of my lair so I can hatch some dragons later…. Giving them away 4 free 2 a good home; just let me know if you want one of them!! First come first serve :OO

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haters can say what they want about the 4th of july but i just witnessed two dudes- one dressed as abe lincoln and the other as benjamin franklin- passionately making out on the balcony while fireworks went off behind them and half of the party, for some reason, gathered around them and chanted “USA! USA!” for like five solid minutes

god bless america

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marvel comics meme → ten characters (3/10)

clint barton/hawkeye

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Jesus you gotta tell me what fabric softener you use

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The Dragon’s Tea Room presents…

An iPhone Case/Accessory Giveaway!


To celebrate the opening of my online shop, I’d like to give away two prizes at random!

First prize: any phone case of your choosing from the ones offered below, or any two phone charms of your choosing from the ones pictured above

Second prize: any phone charm of your choosing from the ones pictured above

Giveaway rules:

  • Both likes and reblogs count. Reblog as many times as you like.
  • Following my Tumblr is not required.
  • Anyone can participate. I live in Japan, and I will ship worldwide.
  • I will use a random number generator to determine the winners.
  • I will send you an ask to notify you that you’ve won. If you don’t reply/claim your prize within three days, it will be awarded to someone else.
  • Giveaway will end at 11:59pm my time, which is 2:59pm UTC.

More cases and product details can be found at http://dragontearoom.storenvy.com/

Photos under the cut!

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I just finished Attack on Titan, so naturally there is fan art.

Here is Levi, a great dane, and the boyfriend shirt.

(dog is referenced from a stock site)

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_(:’3」∠)_ Now taking commissions for tuition & bills. 

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I need to reblog this again because this cat’s face

you can see it counting down from ten in its head

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treklikeheck requested: smuggler!spock

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